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500 Lumen Front Bike Light

KOTR Classic R500 - Powerful 565 Lumen Bike Light


Quick Overview

The legendary Lucas King of the Road bike light returns! Retaining the same name as the first bike lights introduced to the UK by Lucas in 1879, the King of the Road R500 is designed and built to meet the demands of road cyclists and perfect for the daily commuter and sports rider. The beautiful CNC alloy body and CREE LED produce a powerful yet road friendly beam with up to 565 Lumens of light to help you to see and be seen, every step of your journey. When detached from the quick release bracket this elegant bike light becomes a handheld torch, keeping you safe and lighting your way on those short journeys from bike to office. On arrival simply attach to your computer or mains connection via the supplied USB cable for quick and convenient recharging.

"...we really enjoyed these lights from Lucas. All are very well made with their CNC machined casings that make some Exposure bike lights look a bit weedy."
North Yorkshire Cycling



With a powerful full beam output of 565 Lumens the ‘King of the Road 500’ LED bike light is market leading in it’s class. The KOTR500 bike light has been designed and developed with road cyclists in mind but is equally at home for off road use. For longer journeys two lower power levels are available to increase battery life whilst still producing a powerful 280LM or 140LM beam. Plus, two flashing modes increase the battery life even further, making this an ideal bike light for daily commuters.

Technical specification;
LED Type: CREE LED creating 565LM output
Power Source: Li-ion battery 18650
Light Modes: 5 functions (high, medium, low, flash and SOS)
Run Time: Peak run time of 1.5hrs
Charge Time: Charge time 5-8hrs
Weight: 122g
Extra Features: Water resistant and can be used as a torch
Mounting: CNC'd location bracket for quick release

This easy to fit front LED bike light offers the keen cyclist a light that enables great vision at speed ensuring a safe ride.  Multi function operation offers extended battery life when in flashing mode.  

To ensure complete safety and visibility to other road users it is advisable to use 2 front LED bike lights, one in flashing mode and one in constant mode.  The Lucas KOTR FP make a perfect flashing support in this case. Also, see the KOTR RP, a matching rear light.

It may be a legal requirement in your country to use a light certified to a specific standard or an international equivalent. Most lights sold on are certified and labelled with a European CEN standard. Please check your country’s requirements to see if this is sufficient, some lights may need to be used with an additional legal backup light.

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